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When you are searching for a house, whether it is for your next family home or an investment, you tend to see a lot of properties to make sure you make the right purchase. Viewing multiple homes in one day is very common and the details of the houses you visit can often blend together. The HomeNotes app lets you take pictures and record notes about each place you visit to keep your viewings organized.


Take pictures of rooms and features to remember what you like and dislike about each house.



Our note taking app lets you record important details and features of each house you tour to review later.



Compare your pictures and real estate notes in a simple, easy to read report from your computer, Android or iOS device.


Share your reports with family, friends, your realtor, or your clients to streamline communication.


Easily Recall Details

After a long day of house hunting, it can be easy to forget details about each listing. Take notes as you tour each house for easy recall days, even weeks later.

Organize Your Viewings

All your viewings and your thoughts about each house are organized in one easy to access spot to review wherever you have an internet connection available. Access your notes via the app on your iOS or Android device or the desktop version through the HomeNotes website.

Prioritize Your Features

You may think you already know which features you require in a home, but as you tour multiple houses and you enter your notes, you may start to see a trend in which features are the most important to you. Utilize the report to find out which features you can’t live without.

Stand-in During Scheduling Conflicts

Partner can’t make it? Not to worry. When you view a listing with the HomeNotes app, your comprehensive notes will make the viewing more productive and allow your partner to feel like they were there with you.

Better Client Experience

Client’s will appreciate the added value you bring to their property buying experience. Whether it is for clients looking to purchase their own home or investors seeking out the right properties, providing clients with the HomeNotes app as a tool will make their search easier.



The HomeNotes app is the ideal tool for realtors to provide their clients. Pre-load the location you are going to view with your clients to make each home viewing more productive. Home buyers will appreciate the added benefit they receive when working with realtors who utilize the HomeNotes app.

Real Estate Investor

As a real estate investor, you want to invest in properties that can make you money. You need to see multiple properties and ensure they have the features you need. The HomeNotes app organizes the features and your notes of each listing in one convenient spot to make an informed decision.

Home Buyers

Buying a home is an important decision that requires careful consideration. It can be overwhelming when you are viewing multiple houses at a time. The HomeNotes app lets you capture your thoughts, take pictures, and compare houses to help you make the right purchase for your family.


Don’t take our word for it, realtors, real estate investors, and home buyers alike all love the HomeNotes app. See what our users are saying.

"My husband and I have been touring a number of places while looking for the perfect home. HomeNotes helps us keep track of everything we saw and felt about a place. It has been so helpful in organizing our thoughts especially when one of us can’t make a showing. We love it."

Sera K
Home Buyer

"I use HomeNotes to report my out-of-town clients and investors about places that I visit. It helps me organize my notes and present them to my clients in a simple report."

Bill M.
Real Estate Agent

"As my own property manager, HomeNotes helps me track needed repairs for each of my properties. After going through a place, I send the list to my handyman for easy reference."

Rob R.

"Love the app! With the agent version, I can invite clients to the app and share properties and notes."

Tom L
Real Estate Agent

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